About the Founder

Who is Kristina and how did she become creative, you ask?

As the founder or Kreative8Kristina, I have over 10 years of experience in the world of the web. I have worked for Fortune-500 companies as well as small start-ups. I focus on crafting a great experience for customers and connecting businesses to software tools to streamline their business processes.

I believe no one should have to sit around and press the magic button. Automated processes are the way to go! Would you prefer to stir the chili over the fire for eight hours, or put it in a slow-cooker, set it and forget it? I know which one I would choose.

I can divide my career into three aspects of myself: the worker, the teacher, and the helper. The worker-bee in me takes great ideas and puts them into action. The teacher in me thrives in a learning environment by striving to set an example for my peers and inspiring those around me. The helper in me passionately donates time and energy to build a brighter future.

I have listed the great companies and partnerships I have had the privilege of working with below.

The Worker-Bee (corporate offices):

Norwex Home Office (Texas) current

Creative Circle (Texas)

Usable Creative (Texas)

Gamestop Corporate (Texas)

Texas Christian University (Texas)

Citigroup (Texas)

Lockheed Martin MFC (Texas)

The Teacher (certified TEFL teaching):

Amazing Grace ESL School (Taiwan)

The Helper (voluteering):

The Brockelli Patch (Scott, Louisiana) (part of WOOF International)

Krishna Lunch (Gainesville, Florida)

Eco Truly Park (Chancay, Peru)

Casa Girasol (Sacred Valley, Peru) (part of WOOF International)

FincaMia (Costa Rica)